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After 9 years of experience in the Russian market in Saint Petersburg and MOSCOW, travelling from Rostov-on-Don to Ekaterinburg, from Kransnodar to Voronezh, from Sochi to Kazan, passing through Makachkala, Ufa, Ulyankovsk, Azov, Yelabuga and other cities, the role of the owner and mentor of Giordano Brokerage-Est can be clearly identified. 

Generic words like "consultant" or "agent" are always restrictive, they are only used conventionally and they are sometimes not positively understood. We therefore realized that the most suitable words to define thi job must be borrowed from the English language itself: "contact maker" and/or "partner finder"; the reason is that Giordano Brokerage-Est is able to find almost anything a company may request, bacause it operates in several branches, participates to a lot of fairs in Moscow and other cities (always with many Italian exhibitors) and has a network of skilled professionals in Italy and Russia. 

The versatility of Giordano Brokerage-Est lies in its continuously evolving network of contacts and partnerships, which allows Italian companies from different business sectors to access Russia: they can benefit from an all inclusive package of services that guarantees a proper management of the process of access into the market, from the analysis of the opportunities offered by the market, to the identification of the interested potential clients and to the meetings with the latters (vedasi proposta di collaborazione tipo INSERIRE SCHEMA).

Giordano Brokerage-Est and its network also monitors and develop the new commercial relations.

The continuous presence of Giordano Brokerage-Est in Russia allows both Italian and Russian customers to get numerous and undeniable benefits such as:
  • Continuous support of a Russian-speaking representative of the Italian firm knowing the situation of the business in Russia (VDA ALLEGATO lettera di Zolotoy MOST) and being an important reference point for the importer (VDA ALLEGATO lett di 4 Market) who turns to Giordano Brokerage-Est for further requests;
  • Selection of new potential clients to be addressed either to the Russian importer or to the Italian manufacturer, depending on the kinf of product.

Example: my clients often receive requests directly from new importers or end-customers; these are contacted promptly or visited by me or my co-workers with the aim of keeping the client's business developing and expanding to their satisfaction.


Our network of contacts has allowed us to satisfy many requests (let's enumerate just four of them, by way of example): 

  • A well-known Italian group that operates in Russia in the investments branch made two requests: a project for a port in Russia and a tailor willing to work in the CSI countries for their best clients. After only 24 hours from the request, the President of the group received an email with all the datails of the plan and the data of the tailor. 

  • A famous Italian chef working in MOSCOW has requested us to find for him a maître d'hôtel and contacts of importers of Italian products. Within 24 hours he receive an email with all this information.

  • A large Russian company operating in the branch of raw materials commissioned Giordano Brokerage-Est to put it in touch with European buyers. Within one week we found the potential clients and started the negotiations.

  • An important international group specialized in Outlets commissioned Giordano Brokerage-Est to find partners ready to invest in their projects of development. Within 10 days we found the right one, who met the international company and signed the contract.


The following viewpoint on the Russian market is still as relevant today:

"It is widely known that Russia is a country with many "grey areas", nowadays still much different from the European standards; therefore it requires a specific approach tuned on the characteristic Russian timing for establishing a business or a commercial relationship, that may appear too long to the Western eye: but this is the reality to deal with, that must be accepted" (excerpt from the seminar "PRODURRE E VENDERE IN RUSSIA" - "HOW TO MANUFACTURE AND SELL IN RUSSIA", held in Milan on 29/11/2005 and organized by Cegos).

So, Europe looks at the East, especially at the former Soviet bloc. 
Among all the former socialist republics, the Russian Federation is the biggest, the most interesting and most promising one, but also one that we must locate and analyze in a global context of high competition.
All the big players of each branch are already present and active in Russia with their own factories, joint ventures, branch offices or sales representatives.

Nowadaysa Russia produces everything (clothing, food, equipment, technology, medicines, building material, etc.) of middle/low level, also having a few outstanding qualities.

The consequences of the fall of Soviet Union can still be seen in the Russian factories, where there are obsolete tools and machinery that should be replaced, and in this last function Italy has few competitors: Italians can solve this problem of technology and have ancient relations of friendship with the Russians.

There are a lot of great chances that must be recognized and discovered with dedication and professionalism "on the field". Taken the professionalism for granted, the Italian businessmen should come to Russia well equipped with patience and determination.

So we are able to conduct an accurate analysis of the problems and the needs of the Russian, after which we can propose the flexible, smart and complete "Italian solution", that often makes Italian companies win against the less performing international competition. 

Thanks to our activities of clients research and attendance of various events, exhibitions and conferences, we grab the newest trends of the market and a variety of chances for business. It is very important to see Russia not only as an end market, but a place to set the production for the local market itself, too - including the CIS countries, keeping in mind the newly formed Customs Union between Kazakstan, Belarus and the Russian Federation, which is in force only for the items manufactured in loco.

For those who don't have the economic/strategic strength to make investments alone the keyword is co-investment! 

The first investment must be made for the search of a partner or for the check of his credentials in case there is already one; doing this, one should be helped with the competence of professionals for a suitable due diligence and the insurance on the investment as companies like SACE do (

At the beginning of 2010, the President of the Russian Federation explicitly declared: less import, more production. 

Nowadays Russia produces everything (food, furniture, clothing, equipment, cables, building material, etc.) of middle/low level with obsolete machinery and inadequate productive processes; it has a few outstanding qualities. Mr Giordano has recently visited two manufacturing plants in Russia with Italian machinery of high level anf with very proficient managers, that sell their products in every part of Europe. It means that those who want quality in the productive process buy items made in Italy! 

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