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FilosofiaThe right approach to the market, the development of strategies of internationalization, the positioning and the sale of products and the services of your company in the Russian Federation: all these actions need the support of an expert professional who is fully integrated in the local market and able to provide his experience and services throughout the vast territory of Russia. 
Giordano Brokerage-Est was founded and is managed by Mr Domenico Giordano, who can provide expert support in a reliable and effective way to all the Italian companies which are looking for a starting point to develop their business for the Russian market.

Giordano Brokerage-Est has its office in the headquarters of the Italo-Russian Chamber of Commerce in Moskow, (consultancy agreement XXXXXX) The owner, Mr Giordano, who has a degree in Russian Language from the University of Bari, has been working continuously in the Russian Federation since 2003. Thanks to his  full command of the Russian language and the deep konwledge of the Russian business culture both at the entrepreneurial and institutional level. Unlike what many Italian companies who delegates business matters to native speakers who develop relations with their Russian partners, Giordano Brokerage-Est employes of Italian native speakers who speak Russian fluently.

Thanks to a network of long-term partnerships, Giordano Brokerage-Est can offer a full range of services such as market and clients research, telemarketing, sectorial advice, certification, logistic and customs support, and other preparatory work that is essential to the development and strengthening of the business in the Russian Federation.

At the present time, Giordano Brokerage-Est can provide many examples of success, especially in the food and restaurant industry. Giordano Brokerage-Est invites you to contact us to provide a bespoke development for your project and fulfill your potential and expectations in the Russian market.