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Partners researches

grafico vendite in russiaExpert advice on exporting to Russia

The advice of Giordano Brokerage-EST is aimed at founding a reliable commercialpartner in the multifaceted world of Russia and of the former SSSR countries.

To start the research a consultancy agreement is required. The research will be done as follewed:

  • General survey on the market of Russia and CIS countries: creation of a database with addresses, web-sites, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses; 
  • Detailed survey on the potential partners: data of the contact person (e.g. import manager) and the company profile;
  • Contact with the potential partners: promotion of our customer's company. Feasibility study on the real possibilities of its products in the aforementioned markets;
  • Picking out among all the potential partners of the contacts having an actual interest in cooperating with our customer's company;
  • Arrangement of the meeting between our customer and the interested contact;
  • Linguistic support for the whole term of the cooperation (not including technical interpreting or translations);
  • Dispatch of reports on the potential partners we got in touch with.


The terms of our services can last from 3 to 6 months in order to find companies which are actually interested in a cooperation with our customer. Thanks to a network of professionals operating in the key branches of the former USSR countries:

  • Statistics on the import of a certain product
  • Database of Russian companies 
  • Expert advice on Customs matters
  • Certifications Gost Standard 
  • Lawyers: Trani and Lega LIFE
  • Logistics
  • Credit insurance
  • Creation of websites in Russian language on Russian domains (