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Market researches

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Market researches in the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries

The “market research” consists of the surveyin, gathering and processing the data and information in regard to a certain branch, product or service. Depeding on the client's needs, the research can be quantitative, if it is required a numerical assessment of volumes, trends and peculiarities of a market, or qualitative, if the information is about the consumers decision processes and their inclination to the purchase of a certain good or service; both these types of researches are an essential source of information for a company setting about to launch a new product or to enter in a new market, therefore it is the basis for the development of suitable marketing strategies and for the decisions of managers on the future investments and actions. 


From a practical point of view, the marketing researches in the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries like:

shall be such as to select the significant elements for to evaluate the prospective of a product in that market and consequently the marketing decisions and actions.


Marketing researches can be additionally divided into:

  • Exploratory: in order to obtain data on a certain problem and to serve as a basis for further focused surveys.
  • Descriptive: in order to define and describe the nature of a certain market or a market segment or the origin of a certain behaviour of a group of consumers.
  • Casual: in order to find out to predict the existing relationships between the cause and the result in the talking of an executive decisions.