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The Russian Federation is an enormous country, still shot through with huge economic disparities, particularly in respect to the industrial development and to the modernization of the technologies and the infrastructures.

During the New Year's Eve speech for 2011, the former President Dmitry Medvedev  harshly criticized the previous government held by Putin because it had not done enough to raise the appeal of Russia on international investors. According to what declared by Medvedev, in 2010 the fereign investements in Russia amounted to a few billion dollars, defined "a drop in the ocean". On the other side, in 2010 the Russian Federation suffered from a capital outflow equal to 30 billion dollars (anyway less than the 130/140 billion dollars of 2008/2009).

As promised by Medvedev, the 2011 saw a massive political and legislative intervention in the benefit of those companies which were ready to invest in Russia.

With the newly re-elected Vladimir Putin the process of opening of the Russian economy to the western investors continues relentlessly, reassuring the big foreign economic powers, who cannot ignore the period of over 10 years of political stability and the reliability of Russia as ground of short, medium and long term investements.