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Branches of investment


Our activity of marketing research and the participation to various events and conventions let us grasp the inclinations and see the trends of the market, thus catching new chances of business. It is essential not to consider Russia as an end market, but a place where start the manufacturing for the local market itself, bearing in mind the newly formed Customs Union between Kazakhstan, Belarus and the Russian Federation (at the moment, effective only for items manufactured in loco).

For those who don't have the economic or the strategic strength to make investments alone, another keyword is "co-investment". The first investment must be made for the search of a partner or for the check of his credential in case there is already one; doing this, one should be helped with the competence of professionals for a suitable due diligence and the insurance on the investment as companies like SACE do (

At the beginning of 2010, the President of the Russian Federation, explicitely declared: import less, produce more!
At the present day Russia produces everything (food, furniture, clothing, equipment, cables, building material, etc.) at a low level with obsolete machinery and inadequate productive processes; it has a limited outstanding qualities. Mr Giordano has recently visited two manufacturing plants in Russia with Italian machinery of high level and with very proficient managers, that sell their products in every part of Europe. In brief, those who want quality in the productive process buy items made in Italy.

Today Russian industry is an enormous market to get into.


To this point, we can assert with full awareness od the situation that the branches which have the brightest outlook for sales are:

  • Machinery and mechanical parts of different branches;
  • Components for lighting and furniture;
  • Building material;
  • Manufacturing processes that lower the costs and improve the performances;
The South regions of Russia are very strong at agriculture, cattle breeding, floriculture, rice growing and even aviation technology and others.

Alla luce degli eventi globali, crisi, aumento dell’euro e affini, oggi la Russia deve essere affrontata da investitori (o co-investitori) e non più esclusivamente da venditori, specie per i settori di cui sopra (tranne olio d’oliva e poco d’altro, molto si può produrre in loco), che gia risentono di un certo “protezionismo”.

Durante la missione nel sud della Russia organizzata da CCIR e UBI abbiamo raccolto diversi contatti qualificati e altri ne verranno a seguire. Per un buon business ora si deve puntare ad individuare aziende italiane nella lavorazione-trasfomazione di ortaggi e verdure (i russi sanno produrre ma tutto il resto lo fanno ancora con tecnologia arretrata) ad es. ketchup per la McDonald’s, che dai 280 punti attuali passera entro il 2012 ad oltre 500 punti in tutta la Russia.

Fortissima la richiesta di tutta la filiera lavorazione verdura.

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